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Peter and Toomes battle it out on the cargo plane moving the Avenger's alien technology.   This "click pitch" is a mash up of months of work and multiple versions of this sequence.  

Peter starts off going to a party and ends up meeting the Vulture for the first time. 

Spider-Man breaks up a weapons sale. 

The is a sequence where most of the ideas didn't make it into the final film, but a few were moved to other, bigger sequences.  

Kong boards were done as four panel pages, not as animatic boards.  However, I try make sure my boards cut together whether they are animatic boards or multi panels per page.  Some drawings are missing as other artists contributed to these scenes.  Some of these boards such as Kong_Stones and Kong_Pod Creature were done as explorations and didn't quite make it into the film.  

"Mowgli Fails" was featured in "The Art of the Jungle Book". 

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